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How do I book you for my Wedding?

Firstly thanks for thinking of booking me! Please check my How to Book Page with step by step guide for all the information.


Do my Bridal Party need a Practice Run? 

If they would like to have one then that's absolutely fine, they can arrange with me to come at a convenient time or come with you as the Bride, it is not compulsory though and most Bridal Party members dont have one. As I book out a good amount of time for Practice Run's sometimes if you want to come together it's best to split the day up for example if you and your family/ friend would like hair and makeup then I would need to book out a day for this, so both hair done in the morning you go off for lunch then come back for makeup in the afternoon. The cost for Practice Runs is the same cost for everyone. 

How long does a Practice Run take?

I like to offer Brides a fully personalised enjoyable time meeting for practice runs so I allow enough time for each service. I allow up to 2 hours for 1 service (Hair or Makeup) and up to 3 hours for both services. It might not take this long but I allow this time for them. If you have other appointments to get to or other commitments then just let me know and ill make sure we end on time for you.

Where do Practice run's take place?

I have a Garden Studio space at my Home in Barnstaple, North Devon. The address will be given out when the booking is confirmed. As this is my home I ask that you take care and respect, I am a mobile service but have created this space to offer a relaxed, quiet and personalised service for Brides. In my Studio it can seat up to 2 other people max but most Brides come alone, this gives me a chance to focus on you, we can always send pictures to others after meeting. If you turn up with lots of people they won't be able to fit in so just a heads up! 

Sometimes Brides ask me to go to them for the Practice run, I would prefer it takes place at mine as I have everything set up including all the hair accessories but for a travel fee depending on what location it is I don't mind. 

If you have Children I really recommend you take the time out to focus on you and arrange childcare or see me for an evening appointment so you can enjoy being pampered. 

What brands of Makeup do you use?

I use a variety of brands in my kit here are just a few ...

Charlotte Tilbury, Nars, Laura Mercier, MAC, Inglot, Tropic Skincare, Dior, Chanel, Clarins, Millani, Natasha Denona, Tarte to name a few!

I have super sensitive skin so all products are tested for sensitivity, if I can't use it it won't go in the kit! I always try to pick vegan and cruelty free products and brands where I can and everything I use is suitable for pregnancy and chemo clients. Any specific allergies please let me know so I can ensure it can be used on you.

Can you bring any assistants to help on the day?

Sometimes yes I can. I have a few pro friends who will assist me on larger weddings bookings, this is not a guarantee though or a definite they will be available especially in peak season when they might have their own Brides and weddings to work at.

If available I would employ them for the booking so would deal with payment to them for each person, please note there is an extra charge for me to arrange this and can vary on who is available and what travel charges they might request, this would be detailed on your quote and can range from £25 to £75 depending on who was available.


If my go to people aren't available my suggestion would be to book me for what services you require and you source another makeup artist or hairstylist yourself this way you can deal with them directly and they are not working for me.

I'm always happy to team up with other pro's so just let me know if others will be there on the morning.

I am having a small wedding/ elopement can I book for just me as the Bride?

Yes definitely! I absolutely love small weddings and do offer Bride only bookings. I offer limited weekend dates for weddings each year so if your wedding is in peak season, holidays, summer etc then I do require a minimum for booking. Week days there is no minimum. 

Do you travel for Weddings/ Special Occasions bookings?

There are so many beautiful venues locally to North Devon I tend to stay more local however I am willing to travel. Travel costs, accommodation and fees would have to be added to the booking. I love travelling so if you are getting married abroad and would love to have me there I would again be delighted to discuss this in more depth with you.

Can I book without having a practice run?

Absolutely! A practice run is so helpful for the both of us to ensure we find the perfect look for your wedding day however I understand that sometimes distance or costs come into it.


If you don't have one we will arrange a telephone consultation to discuss the looks, timings and plans for the wedding day. If you really are unsure on styles for hair makeup or both I highly recommend you visit me before the big day.


I will always help Brides and give advice but please note this is to be done at the consultation, it is vital that you send me and follow the advice given prior to the consultation to ensure you use your consultation well. As the famous saying goes I am a Beautician not a magician so we have to work together!

When can I book in for a Practice Run? 

Anytime you like. I recommend within 6 months of the big day is great as you hopefully have sorted your outfit and starting to get an idea of your styling for the day. Ideally within 3 months of the wedding is even better.

If you have booked me for hair having your hair length what it will be for the wedding and your colour the same time is great so you can visualise the look and what is achievable with your hair type and length.

 Makeup wise do you want to see me earlier so I can help and advise on skincare, I am also a beauty therapist and some of Brides will book in for facials or get advice on their skincare, I always say skincare first makeup second for that ultimate bridal glow. You are more than welcome to book in for facials before a makeup practice run.


If you get very tanned in the summer but have your practice run in the winter the makeup will be the finish you like but it might be harder to visualise the final look. In these circumstances sometimes booking in a for a very light spray tan or use some tanning drops into your moisturiser (I love the Tanning Drops from Tropic Skincare perfect non orange colour!) to get more colour before the makeup practice run can help a lot, but obviously it's not a must and the base of your makeup will be adjusted to suit the time of year and the finish and coverage will be kept the same. The same goes for summer practice runs when your having a winter wedding don't worry the colours will be adjusted. 

Some Brides have their Practice runs a year before, a few months or even the week of the wedding but being organised is my best advice to get a suitable time and date for both of us.

I would love to book but I dont know how many Bridesmaids, Guests or Bridal Party will want services what do you advise?

I would suggest to book for yourself and get that booking secured with your retainer payment.

I offer limited weekends throughout the year so these are the only times I have a minimum for a booking which is Bride plus 2 other services or the same cost if only yourself. 

There is only so much I can do by myself so I would recommend to organise this as soon as you can, especially if lots of people would like hair and makeup as you might need to book more pro's to help. 

If you are a Bride only booking and I have another enquiry for the same date I will always contact you first to see if you would like to add on anyone else, very rarely I do have 2 weddings in one day but only if they are close by, very small and the timings are far apart to allow for any traffic etc I will always give the first booking the oppurtunity to add on more before confirming a second boo

How many people can you do on your own?

This is a tricky one to answer as it depends on lots of factors but I'll provide some examples here to help.

I like to arrive onsite or at your home around 15 mins before starting the first person this gives me a chance to get all my kit out and set up sometimes I have lots of stuff.

Makeup I allow 30/45 mins per person and 45mins/ 1 hour for the Bride 

Hair I need a minimum of 45mins per person but sometimes longer, depending on what style and what type of hair they have. For the Bride I allow a minimum of 1 hour but ideally between 1-2 hours again depending on the style chosen and hair type. If you are short on time in the morning I will make suggestions for quicker styles for the Bridal Party especially for hair like an updo.

I am really relaxed and flexibility and don't like to write up schedules' for the day as in my experience they don't work as lots of things happen on a wedding morning like flowers arriving speaking to the wedding coordinator and photographers etc which can delay the times. 

I like to give a rough plan and always check who is available and give them a heads up on when I need them. 

Makeup is much easier to give ideas on exact timings but hair can have some movement. 

Example wedding morning Bride + plus 3 Bridal Party Makeup

Arrive 8am for a 12.30pm wedding which is onsite to where getting ready

8.15-9 Bridal Party Makeup (1)

9-9.45 Bridal Party Makeup  (2)

9.45-10.45 Brides Makeup 

10.45-11.30 Bridal Party Makeup (3)

11.30 touch ups 

I recommend you be ready 45mins before the ceremony and earlier if travelling 

Couple things to bare in mind when thinking on timings

* Is everyone available on the morning or are some people arriving later 

* What are your plans for the morning some of my Brides go for a surf/ swim or on occasions have the photos before the ceremony. Are you wanting your photographer to do all the reveal shots in your outfit or dressing gown pictures as they will need everyone ready earlier for this 

* Do you need to travel to the Venue/ Church?

I would say about 8 people is my max for services unless I can plan in a quick break for some food and cup of coffee!

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